Today’s episode of Rules of Success are the Founders of Kumbre Gear;

Lamont White and Jeanine Feierbach.

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Ok, now that the important stuff is out of the way.. 🙂

This week the Kumbre Execs joined us in-studio to discuss how they’ve built their brand and the fortitude to create something bigger than just profits!

The story of Kumbre began in New York City when, Jeannine Feierbach and Lamont White met in design school. After years of designing for many clients such as Adidas and Converse, they’ve’ve brought their love of design and the outdoors to the Rocky Mountains.

Kümbre (küm-brā), means summit. Kümbre Gear is.. ..metro-mountain inspired lifestyle brand based in Park CIty, Utah. The Kümbre name is inspired by a Bolivian Andean summit that near where Jeanine was raised, and referred to by locals as La Cumbre.

In the first segment, we here their story; both about the birth of Kumbre AND the birth of their relationships. As Founders they are committed to Kumbre and to a successful relationship and we hear from them the tips and tricks of what they do to grow their business while honoring their relationship.

For those of you that work with your spouses it’s a must listen!

In the second segment, we talk philosophy, strategic and the nature of what they do. They share the specifics of an outreach that associated with Kumbre Gear that sets them apart from others in their space; to the tune of their proceeds help to pay for entrepreneur training in Bolivia!

If you are looking to expand your own brand and would like to hear from those that have successfully done it; listen in!

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