Victor Yocco

Victor Yocco is an author, speaker, and UX researcher. Part of his niche is that he frequently speaks and writes about the application of psychology to design by addressing the culture promoting alcohol use in design and technology fields. His passion is to make a positive difference to both product end-users, and his colleagues experiencing issues of alcohol and substance abuse or addiction. He recently published his book ““Design for the Mind: Seven Psychological Principles of Persuasive Design” that addresses the psychology of great design from both the aspect of creator and consumer. We discuss with Victor his inspiring story and how his approach to a sober life, business and design makes a difference for those he works with.

Here are some is the great insights he shares from our conversation:

1. He is the first guy to approach Rules of Success willing to about sobriety an important part of the creative process.
2. His book is a tool for creators and consumers; warning of the psychological pitfalls in deliberate design.
3. We all approach digital media with our psychological needs of the moment.
4. What you feel and how you experience design is just as important as what you read or see. Plan accordingly as a creator.
5. Overlooking design and the persuasion of design is akin to not wanting people to use your product.
6. Persuasion + the mechanism + reassurance = ease of sale. i.e. Turbo Tax
7. “..take the cognitive load away from the user..”
8. The sunken cost principle is real to getting consumers to buy. Creating something where they’ve invested their time before they buy; they’ll buy
8. In design, seek to understand the intention of the ‘creator’ and in your creations, seek to share your intention.
9. You never know who’s reading or consuming your content.
10. You can never just let go of a bad habit. You have to replace that bad habit with a supportive habit.
11. We can be real, alcohol removes your inhibitions. However, it’s not a well you can keep going back to successfully.

You can find his book at Search for “Design for the Mind.”

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