Angus Nelson

Angus Nelson is an author, speaker, and Podcaster. He works with executives of the world’s largest companies and has spoken at corporate headquarters for Walmart, Whole Foods, Coke, BMW and others. He hosts an Top 20 business podcast called, “Up In Your Business”; and has been featured on, Huffington Post, & VentureBeat.

He recently published his book “Love’s Compass: How Do You Recover After a Lost Relationship” that addresses the psychology of becoming whole after a failed relationship.
We discuss with Angus his inspiring story and how his approach to a life, business and contribution makes a difference for those he works with.

Here are a few tidbits from this episode…

1. He shares the backstory of the writing of his book “Love’s Compass” and references his first marriage as a practice marriage; removing the negative connotation of divorce.
2. He’s been contracted to pen another book by
Publishers don’t buy books, they buy people.
3. Your platform as an author (re: content creator) validates that your message is something that people will listen to. It’s your leverage as a content creator.
4. Your website and content isn’t a billboard; it’s a resource.
5. Life prepares for you for what life is preparing for you.
6. Our mess is our message.
7. Once we get our ‘shift’ together, we can change 🙂
8. What we hear about, we think about. What we think bout we talk about. What we talk about we bring about.
8. “In the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell.
9. It’s not who you believe in that makes the difference; It’s who believes in you. Believe in yourself and you are on the side of divinity!
11. The best mindset when I am on stage is that I have nothing to prove, nothing to gain. It causes magnetism to pull in others to us.
12. LIfe is all paradox.
13. The starting is the hardest part.

And many more!

Notable books he discusses:
Ted Roberts – “Pure Desire”
John Eldredge – “Wild At Heart”

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