Today’s episode of Rules of Success is Certified Sales Trainer 

Adam Farmer.

This week Adam Farmer joins us and we talk all sorts of value that helps all every type of hustler. As a certified Sales Trainer with Eric Lofholm International, Adam has been trained to understand every level of awareness specific to success in a sales based organization.

In the first segment, we hear from Adam about his childhood and upbringing and how that set the stage for decisions that he made toward wealth and abundance. We discuss clarity and intention as well as understand the difference between what we want and we we don’t want. The experiences that Adam shares highlight a set of mindsets and skill sets that every entrepreneur should consider.

In the second segment, we discuss business development and his work as a Sales Trainer. Starting with a discussion on faith in your own success and ending on the format of his consulting that helps businesses and individual learn HOW to succeed.

It’s a must listen.

This episode is especially relevant due to the timing of our conversation. Success is built upon a foundation of commitment and execution. We discusses how to navigate the building of this in a way that produces lasting results.

If you are wanting to learn how to be better, bigger and stronger in your efforts AND experience the results that come with that commitment? Listen here!

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